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Charlotte Eve Collaboration

Charlotte Eve Collaboration

Singer songwriter Charlotte Eve has been described as 'one the most original and exciting composers in the UK, with a unique voice to match'. Chris Martin and Ray Davies are both fans of her work which has featured in a wide range of dramas and documentaries across the world including Bafta winning Best Drama, In The Flesh and the new ground breaking drama The Informer.

Charlotte shows off her versatile and distinctive style with 5 beautiful acoustic tracks that would be perfectly at home on a John Lewis Christmas ad campaign and numerous other tender, emotional settings.  

Charlotte Eve

The beautiful, tender, emotive voice of singer songwriter Charlotte Eve.

Now Playing: Space Love by Charlotte Eve




1 Space Love
Charming piano-lead ballad from multi-talented singer songwriter Charlotte Eve with inspiring ‘make a wish under a shooting star’ lyrics
2 Follow The Sun
Captivating acoustic female vocal ballad with lyrical piano and cello and optimistic ‘at the end of the rainbow you’ll be there’ lyrics. Featuring multi-talented singer songwriter Charlotte Eve.