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'Thrive Trilogy' Release

'Thrive Trilogy' Release

Big Screen's very first album trilogy, Thrive, is out this week with three distinct flavours of joy, celebration and success. From the bright orchestral energy of BSM037 Prosperity to the joyous anthemic indie of BSM038 Euphoria through to the uplifting pride and glory of BSM039 Ascendance. 

Listen to our highlights playlist below. 

BSM037, BSM038, BSM039 Thrive Trilogy

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1 BSM037 Prosperity Highlights (Thrive Trilogy Volume 1)
Bright orchestral energy for a new era of success, achievement and prosperity. Innovative, motivational, joyful, accomplished, inspirational.
2 BSM038 Euphoria Highlights (Thrive Trilogy Volume 2)
Joyous anthemic indie with uplifting guitars, warm pianos and gentle vocal textures covering everything from slow-building epic ballads through to uptempo feel-good celebration.
3 BSM039 Ascendance Highlights (Thrive Trilogy Volume 3)
Uplifting pride and glory for full orchestra from slow-building emotional triumph through to full-on epic victory.