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Trivial Pursuits sessions

Trivial Pursuits sessions

Our recent Trivial Pursuits release features some fantastic performances from several renowned London-based musicians including Martin Williams on flute and clarinet, Matthew Gunner on French Horn, Colin Skinner on Bassoon and violinist Sarah Brandwood-Spencer from the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Highlights on the playlist below.

Trivial Pursuits Sessions

Now Playing: Desmond and Donald Go Boating by Dave Hewson, Jamie Fakete




1 Desmond and Donald Go Boating
Whimsical violin melody in 3/4 time with light harp and bells. Featuring BSO violinist Sarah Braidwood-Spencer.
2 Lord of the Manor
Formal strings with regal elegance and Handel-style charm
3 Badger In The Bushrow
Quirky bassoon, flute and horn with playful pizzicato strings and percussion
4 The Bluebell Society
Innocent piano and woodwind with uplifting strings and charming harp accompaniment
5 Mayflies
Vibrant string elegance with a hint of formality. Bright and exciting.
6 Blossom Picking
Pretty piano and cello in 3/4 time blossoming into magical dancing strings with solo clarinet