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Andrew Joy

Andrew Joy

Andy Joy is a Leeds based multi-instrumentalist and composer who has been writing music to brief for over a decade. He has composed and recorded music in a wide range of styles from intimate acoustic and jazz to epic orchestral and electronica.

He was born and raised in the North-East of England and started his musical journey at a very early age. He played the Trumpet in a broad range of regional and national bands and orchestras before branching out into music technology and composition.

Andy studied alongside inspirational industry practitioners whilst at Leeds College of Music. These experiences fuelled his love for composing for TV and Film and on completion of a masters in music production and composition, Andy moved to London for a number of years and began completing projects for production music albums and theatre projects. These projects have resulted in film and TV placements worldwide.

Andy's unique, quirky, acoustic sound and gifted musicianship have resulted in numerous high profile syncs making him one of Big Screen's most successful and popular composers to date. 

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1 Here With You
Innocent female vocal with warm acoustic guitar and piano. Delicate and whimsical with lyrical cello and oboe harmonies.
2 Ultimate Battle
Explosive military-style percussion with triumphant orchestral melodies and uplifting choir passages
3 Snow Has Fallen
Cosy winter trumpet with warm strings and magical wonderland charm
4 A Merry Waltz
Graceful waltz with jovial trumpet melody and festive bells
5 Sailing Away
Sentimental guitar with a nostalgic quality and soft cello accompaniment
6 Lone Stranger
Classic county folk for a perfect acoustic road trip
7 Passage of Time
Charming classical guitar and piano with a sense of reminiscence
8 Dancing on Air
Playful piano and guitar with upbeat bouncy melodies
9 Running Free
Flowing acoustic guitar with running triplets and sense of forward motion
10 First Romance
Innocent guitar and piano with beautiful oboe melody for the perfect summer romance
11 Mad Hatter's Jaunt
Frivolous marching band-style fun remnant of good old fashioned british summer jaunts
12 On The Prowl
Catchy foot-tapping orchestral fun with playful woodwind and delicate strings
13 On The Pulse
Purposeful string hook with driving bass and assertive beats
14 Sleepy Sunday
Lazy muted trumpet with soft jazz band accompaniment
15 Groovy Tuesday
Playful upbeat trumpet melody with jazzy walking bass
16 Little Dream
Innocent whistling tune with whimsical feel and simple harp and bells accompaniment
17 Windswept
Sentimental trumpet melody with flowing piano and guitar accompaniment
18 Autumn Leaves
Soothing piano groove with delicate woodwind melodies evoking hazy summer days
19 Spring To Life
Gentle acoustic opening with gradual build to exciting guitar and drums fanfare
20 The Promise
Tuneful beeps with subtle percussive textures and positive harmonies
21 One Fine Day
Feel-good folky pop with meandering guitar and catchy rhythmic riff
22 Tickled Pink
Cheeky muted trumpet with ukulele and acoustic rhythm guitar
23 Changes
Charminig, Innocent guitar with soft female vocals and gentle wind and cello