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Chris is a British film and television composer based just outside of London. With a growing catalogue of production music, he has written for publishers such as Universal, West One Music and KPM. 

Now Playing: Hybrid by Chris Elmslie, George Stroud




1 Hybrid
Rousing theme with uplifting synths, strings and contemporary beats. Inspiring a new future.
2 Beyond The Edge
Inspirational theme with futuristic feel. Uplifting synths with rousing melody promising a better future.
3 Success Story
A new vision for tomorrow. Inspirational synth textures with purposeful piano motif and contemporary beats.
4 Positive Reflections
Working together for a better future. Positive piano theme with busy uplifting synth textures.
5 Design Process
Building synth textures with inspirational strings and beats
6 Melting Point
Shimmering piano and bells give way to magnificent luscious strings with beauty, elegance and optimism
7 Journey Through Time
Emotive piano and strings in 3/4 time with beautiful cello melody at 1:00
8 Ever More
Positive cello melody with feel-good piano and emotive string orchestra
9 Reaching Out
Gentle but brooding filmic strings and piano with emotive cello melody at 1:07
10 A Thousand Words
Tender piano, harp and pizz strings in 3/4 time with light percussion
11 Perfect Day
Sunny, uplifting piano and strings with bright trumpet melody at 1:17
12 Stately Home
Busy vibrant strings in playful 6/8 time. Adventurous and jolly.
13 Journey to Infinity
Minimal piano opening building to soaring cello melody at 0:57 with dynamic strings and magnificent climax at 1:39
14 Light Years
Delicate acoustic textures with warm cello melody at 1:22 building to soaring orchestral climax at 1:50
15 Coercion
Eastern percussion and intense tribal drums combine to create a sense of power and intrigue
16 Driving Force
Epic tribal drums building in intensity with driving strings and edgy synth textures
17 Across The Void
Intense mid-tempo tribal drums with powerful strings building to euphoric melody passage at 1:30