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Chris is a British film and television composer based just outside of London. With a growing catalogue of production music, he has written for publishers such as Universal, West One Music and KPM. 

Now Playing: Ultimate Supremacy by Chris Elmslie, George Stroud




1 Ultimate Supremacy
Epic mid tempo triumph with bold percussion, heroic brass and uplifting choirs
2 Crowning Glory
A heroic victory with steady pace, powerful strings, triumphant choir and a strong sense of resolution
3 Lionheart
Exciting heroic action with exhilarating strings, victorious brass and epic trailer percussion
4 Keep The Faith
Optimistic piano, warm guitars and uplifting strings provide a comforting sense of peace
5 Time To Shine
Breezy guitars and indie drums radiate carefree happiness and joy
6 Eureka Moment
Exhilarating indie guitar build with explosive climax and thrilling sense of elation
7 Until The End
Warm indie guitar theme with gentle build to elated climax and a strong sense of togetherness
8 Land of Opportunities
An exciting adventure with busy soaring strings and invigorating woodwind flourishes
9 In The Clouds
Epic piano chillout with deep contemporary beats and dreamlike strings
10 Warm Horizons
A warm blanket of soft piano in dreamy 3/4 time with soothing synth textures
11 Dreamstate
A relaxing day dream with soft piano, deep bass and subtle beats
12 Hybrid
Rousing theme with uplifting synths, strings and contemporary beats. Inspiring a new future.
13 Beyond The Edge
Inspirational theme with futuristic feel. Uplifting synths with rousing melody promising a better future.
14 Success Story
A new vision for tomorrow. Inspirational synth textures with purposeful piano motif and contemporary beats.
15 Positive Reflections
Working together for a better future. Positive piano theme with busy uplifting synth textures.
16 Design Process
Building synth textures with inspirational strings and beats
17 Melting Point
Shimmering piano and bells give way to magnificent luscious strings with beauty, elegance and optimism
18 Dissipation
Magical strings with enchanting harmonies, gentle piano melody and celestial bells
19 Crystals
Enchanting celestial bells and piano with gentle sweeping strings. Simple, uplifting, beautiful.
20 A New Era
Gentle piano in swaying 3/4 time slowly building to sweeping strings with majestic brass
21 Journey Through Time
Emotive piano and strings in 3/4 time with beautiful cello melody at 1:00
22 Ever More
Positive cello melody with feel-good piano and emotive string orchestra
23 Reaching Out
Gentle but brooding filmic strings and piano with emotive cello melody at 1:07
24 A Thousand Words
Tender piano, harp and pizz strings in 3/4 time with light percussion
25 Perfect Day
Sunny, uplifting piano and strings with bright trumpet melody at 1:17
26 Stately Home
Busy vibrant strings in playful 6/8 time. Adventurous and jolly.
27 Journey to Infinity
Minimal piano opening building to soaring cello melody at 0:57 with dynamic strings and magnificent climax at 1:39
28 Light Years
Delicate acoustic textures with warm cello melody at 1:22 building to soaring orchestral climax at 1:50
29 Coercion
Eastern percussion and intense tribal drums combine to create a sense of power and intrigue
30 Driving Force
Epic tribal drums building in intensity with driving strings and edgy synth textures
31 Across The Void
Intense mid-tempo tribal drums with powerful strings building to euphoric melody passage at 1:30