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Dave Hewson

Dave Hewson

David started composing at the age of 11. His early efforts were very influenced by the fact that his primary school music education was based entirely on the Carl Orff “Schulwerk” method of teaching music. 

This influence has stayed with David, and it has shaped a lot of his much later music. He also began piano lessons at this time with the renowned classical concert pianist and teacher Christine Gough, and continued to study with her into his mid twenties.

In his late teens he was awarded a scholarship to study music composition with Professor Richard Arnell (pupil of John Ireland) at Trinity College of Music London, and electronic music composition with Tristram Carey at the Royal College of Music studios, where he started using the first EMS synthesizers. He also incorporated Musique Concrete  techniques into his composing at this time.

After gaining his B.Ed (Hon.) he taught music for six years, and during this time, built up a large repertoire of serious compositions, for chamber solo and instrumental combinations, including orchestral and vocal music.

David began to produce and write for successful artists, and worked with Jaki Graham, Ami Stewart , Marti Webb, The New Seekers, and many others. He has also been sought after as an arranger, and session keyboard player, his first gig was arranging and playing on the BBC TV Eastenders theme for Simon may. He was later to work with Simon co-composing the incidental music for the BBC TV series Howards Way, and co-producing many of his record releases including the top 5 hit for Anita Dobson.

David worked with acclaimed animator John Hallas on a number of productions, including his computer animated film Dilemma, providing the electronic music score.

David has been commissioned to compose for most of the major advertising, film and TV companies.

His prolific output for production music has enabled his music to be used all over the world.

Recent work has included the new ITV national and regional news for ITV, and News  at Ten, also the music for the recent Royal wedding, and the theme tune for ITV’s Tonight programme with Julie Etchingham. Also the dance team “Diversity” used his music for a special routine for the Royal Variety Performance in 2017.

David works from his music studio in Kent. 

Now Playing: Systems Progress by Dave Hewson




1 Systems Progress
Space tech. Futuristic synth patterns with stylish hi-tech vibe building to climax at end.
2 Time and Tide
Spectacular woodwind flourishes with vibrant strings building to triumphant brass fanfare at 1:08
3 At The Dawn of Light
Ambient string textures with gentle piano and soft woodwind
4 First Steps
Playful tuned percussion with innocent charm
5 Fluid Emotion
Busy harp and string textures with urgent news-flash-style piano melody
6 Desmond and Donald Go Boating
Whimsical violin melody in 3/4 time with light harp and bells. Featuring BSO violinist Sarah Braidwood-Spencer.
7 Out and About
Bouncy and jovial string quartet with woodwind and harp and fun happy-go-lucky feel
8 Out Of The Silent Planet
Gentle ethereal strings with heavenly subliminal choir ahh’s
9 Reverie
Gentle piano arpeggios with dreamy reverberant violin melody and delicate beats based on Debussy’s Reverie
10 Spellbound
Mysterious orchestral magic with angelic voices, shimmering strings and celeste
11 Wishing Well
Chiming Christmas bells with a chorus of festive voices
12 The Butterfly Collector
Eccentric pizz strings with delicate woodwind and tuned percussion. Fun, quirky and charming.
13 Twinkle Toes
Delicate ballerina-style pizz strings with light woodwind and fairy bells
14 High Jinx
Comic capers and fast-paced fun with pizz strings and quirky xylophone
15 Neat and Tidy
Busy strings and spritely woodwind. Organised and methodical with a sense precision.
16 Fragile Beauty
Free flowing piano with charming simplicity and a sense of calm
17 Early Refections
Delicately flowing piano with a sense of innocence. Exploring new beginnings
18 Hand Of A Child
Simple child-like piano melody with a comforting sense of well-being
19 Memories Of Tomorrow
Sentimental and nostalgic piano with beautiful, delicate melody
20 Starting Over
Contented solo piano with a comforting sense of new beginning
21 Mellow Monday
Mellow, foot-tapping jazz swing with walking bass and quirky banjo melody
22 Seeds of Suspicion
Exploring unknown territories. Mysterious guitar riff with surreal harmonies and piano echoes
23 Corruption
Classic spy drama theme. Intriguing guitar atmospheres with mysterious strings.
24 Upper Crust
Spritely string orchestra with a sense of occasion. Classic British elegance.
25 High Expectations
Bouncy string orchestra with pretty woodwind. Graceful and bright.
26 Purple Skies
Blissful contentment with indulgent piano textures and soft dreamy synths.
27 Skydive
Sublime blue sky vibe with piano, bells and heavenly atmospheres