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Now Playing: Butterflies and Dandelions by Ian Dolamore




1 Butterflies and Dandelions
Busy, carefree strings with catchy piano melody and happy mood
2 Vision Of Wonder
Bright strings and harp with joyful anticipation and an uplifting sense of magic and wonder
3 Enchanted Kingdom
Perfect magical fairy tale soundtrack for full orchestra with piano and bells
4 Pixie Dance
Magical ballerina music box in the style of Tchaikovsky’s Sugarplum Fairy
5 A Gracious Game
Elegant string motif with upbeat contemporary beats and quirky pizzicato strings
6 Connecting The Dots
Quirky string melody with mysterious piano and driving beats
7 Genesis
Uplifting piano and strings on a journey of positivity and courage
8 Still Motion
Delicately flowing piano that builds on a journey of reflection and discovery
9 Coming Home
Comforting solo piano with a reassuring sense of belonging
10 Inside Story
Purposeful piano with motivating beats and guitar beds. Legal crime drama meets investigative journalism.
11 New Beginnings
Light and breezy string orchestra with playful excitement and pretty piano melody
12 Plans & Preparations
Playful string orchestra with pretty piano accompaniment and uplifting harmonies
13 Illusions of Reality
Surreal piano waltz with quirky bells and pizz stings leading to surreal synth melody
14 Ever Lasting
Perfect fairy tale melody with soothing alto flute and comforting harmonies
15 Spring Dawn
Spritely woodwind and staccato strings full of the joys of spring