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John J Harvey

Now Playing: Day Of Reckoning by John J Harvey




1 Day Of Reckoning
Edgy string repetitions and percussive beats with building anticipation and a sense of forward motion
2 Under The Radar
Murmuring bass and beats with assertive string chords. Quietly combative.
3 Desolation
Dark, sinister, slow moving strings with bleak, ghostly guitar. Unsettling and mysterious.
4 Resurgence
Sinister piano and guitars building to epic climax with big cinematic strings, power guitar and haunting female choir
5 Bleeding Out
Eerie, enigmatic piano and cello building in intensity with driving percussion, uplifting strings and angelic female choir ahhs
6 Apocalypse Machine
Hard hitting, post apocalyptic synths give way to heroic string theme with epic beats and driving contemporary percussion
7 Aftermath
Powerful and emotive slow moving piano and strings with echoes of sorrow and regret.
8 Disclosure
Eerie synth textures with middle eastern string phrases. Corruption exposed.
9 Wasteland
Dark and desolate drone with sinister piano and guitar. Arid landscape.