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Josh Wynter

Josh Wynter is an award-nominated composer living in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the musical force behind a number of hit international series such as Bitten, Neill Anthony Private Chef and Ocean Adventurer, with feature film credits including scoring multi award-winning Nobody’s Died Laughing, and Jake Reid’s The Antwerp Dolls.

The son of a 1960s pop singer, but also classically trained from a young age, Josh’s work often transverses the stylistic dichotomy of his heritage, evading easy classification and showcasing a musical mind that is endlessly curious.

Projects scored by Josh have picked up awards at Cannes and British Arrows, as well as the SAFTAs, with Josh achieving an international Music & Sound Awards nomination for best original composition on his 1950s style live orchestral soundtrack for Pearl and Dean’s Tumbleweed.

Josh currently works with acclaimed directors, producers, animators and music supervisors around the world, following his passion for telling stories.

Josh is represented by Eaton Music/Music Sales Creative, London.

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1 Fireborn
Inspirational electric guitar building with subtle piano chords to triumphant strings at 0:58
2 Friendly Machines
Stylish mechanical systems. Melodic but process driven with contemporary beats and reverse piano sounds.
3 Creating Clones
Sophisticated, hi-tech design. Tuneful robotic textures with upbeat futuristic vibe and sophisticated looped string samples
4 By Design
Diligent and efficient manufacturing. Delicate synth patterns with guitar textures and contemporary beats.
5 Highly Engineered
Fun futuristic tech. Playful and bright with busy percussive synths and bells.
6 Closed Loop System
Cool funky futuristic synths with stylish contemporary programming. Next generation tech design demo.
7 A Green Future
Exciting, optimistic strings with dramatic percussion and uplifting triumphant horns
8 In The Air
Minimal piano with simple percussion and delicate string colouring
9 Illuminate
Delicate string echoes with simple piano and acoustic guitar. Uplifting and optimistic
10 Portals
Simple echoing piano with delicate woodwind and subtle orchestral decorations
11 Vibrant Colours
Busy strings with gentle acoustic guitar and subtle woodwind flourishes
12 Photographs
Gentle acoustic guitar patterns and intertwining piano melody
13 Rural Charm
Warm uplifting piano and strings with a sense of luxury. Classy and indulgent.
14 Landed Gentry
Exciting piano and strings with a hint of adventure. Pretty piano interlude at 0:48
15 Village Life
Vibrant and busy strings with driving forward motion. Fun Copland-style interlude at 0:48
16 Tranquil Pastures
Soothing and uplifting piano and strings with joyful indulgence
17 Flower Pots & Fairies
Mischievous strings with playful piano, quirky tambourine, enchanting bells and a sense of magic
18 Hustle and Bustle
Energetic and exciting pizzicato strings with frisky woodwind. Lively and exhilarating.
19 Natural Wonders
Glorious strings and warm brass building in energy and excitement with magical flutes, bells and subtle choir ahh’s
20 Boundless Horizon
Warm, euphoric strings with deep orchestral percussion beginning at 0:50. Triumphant and proud.
21 Solar Winds
Dynamic strings with evolving synth textures and forward motion. Innovative and exciting with sweeping climax at 1:20
22 Search For Life
Uplifting strings with exciting brass and driving orchestral percussion beginning at 0:51. Positive and victorious.
23 This Brave Earth
Uplifting orchestral triumph with heroic brass theme and electric guitar atmospheres. Exciting piano interlude at 1:48
24 Out Of Orbit
Positive piano and electric guitar atmospheres with inspirational harmonies and gentle horn melody at 1:18
25 Maximum Performance
Hard core guitar riff intro transitioning into epic triumphant guitar solo
26 Brutal Determination
Cool down tempo bass riff with heavy beats and epic distorted guitar lead
27 And So It Begins
Intense string motif with driving drum kit building to triumphant melody at 0:24 featuring atmospheric interlude at 1:00
28 Gymnopedie
Crisp contemporary percussion with uplifting acoustic guitar and positive piano melody from Satie's Gymnopedie no. 1
29 Serenade for Strings
Cheerful pizz violins with crisp hi-hats and fresh beats featuring the melody from Haydn’s Serenade For Strings
30 Scenes from Childhood
Bright piano melody with sophisticated beats, tuned percussion and reverse textures based on Schumann’s Scenes from Childhood
31 Twinkle In The Skies
A sparkling winter wonderland bursting with magic and make believe
32 A magical Adventure
An exciting and exhilarating magical adventure through the sparkling skies
33 A Family Christmas
Innocent child-like waltz with touching emotional piano and festive charm
34 Winter Mischief
Mischevious orchestral joviality with pizz strings and chirpy woodwind