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Jules Bromley

Jules Bromley

Now Playing: On A Knife Edge by Jules Bromley




1 On A Knife Edge
Edgy strings and big beats prepare for battle. Let the games begin!
2 Turn Up The Heat
Fiery strings with vibrant contemprary beats. Tense and exciting
3 Open Your Eyes
Dramatic power ballad with bewitching female vocal, powerful contemporary beats and moody cinematic strings. Lyrics include ‘Sun is dying, in the darkness kingdoms falling’. Featuring Tori Beaumont.
4 Rise To Power
A beautiful hybrid of glitchy contemporary synths, epic cinematic strings and dramatic piano chords with heroic female vocal ‘hey’, culminating in dramatic, victorious male choir
5 Back Home
Reassuringly cheesy foot-tapping jazz ballad with deliciously warm female vocal
6 Yeah Yeah Yeah
High octane indie pop with 60s retro guitar and upbeat ‘yeah yeah yeah’ female vocals
7 Here It Comes
Funky retro cool psychedelic pop with catchy ‘here it comes’ female vocals
8 Smoke & Mirrors
Intrigue with a touch of class. Moody strings and piano with eery minimalist textures
9 Clockwork
Slick detective drama theme with catchy piano melody, sinister harmonies and clockwork beats
10 Whirlwind
Busy string orchestra with unstoppable energy and dramatic quirkiness
11 Time & Motion
Exciting violin melody with playful eccentricity and dramatic undertones
12 Pipe Dreams
Joyful, retro fun! De-tuned pianos and retro synths oozing with character and charm
13 Redemption
Menacing piano harmonies leading to aggressive guitar riff & big industrial beats
14 Deception
Faced-paced orchestral action with booming brass hits and tense string passages
15 Promised Land
Alluring orchestral atmospheres building to majestic string melody
16 Sanctuary
Soothing piano and string atmospheres building to playful string melody
17 Angular Momentum
Futuristic robotic intro leads to intense synthetic symphony
18 Invasion
Threatening industrial sirens leading to intense upbeat orchestral sequence
19 Unrest
Urgent, fast-paced orchestral sequence with menacing brass and choirs
20 Abduction
Bold middle-eastern theme with dynamic percussion, beats and strings
21 Strike Out
Intense and vibrant and percussive textures with acoustic guitar and strings.
22 Turning Point
Quirky and dramatic theme with marimbas, piano, jazz bass and pizz strings.
23 The Big Plan
Eccentric detuned percussion builds to powerful, stirring orchestral theme.