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Jules Bromley

Jules Bromley

Now Playing: On A Knife Edge by Jules Bromley




1 On A Knife Edge
Edgy strings and big beats prepare for battle. Let the games begin!
2 Turn Up The Heat
Fiery strings with vibrant contemprary beats. Tense and exciting
3 Open Your Eyes
Dramatic power ballad with bewitching female vocal, powerful contemporary beats and moody cinematic strings. Lyrics include ‘Sun is dying, in the darkness kingdoms falling’. Featuring Tori Beaumont.
4 Rise To Power
A beautiful hybrid of glitchy contemporary synths, epic cinematic strings and dramatic piano chords with heroic female vocal ‘hey’, culminating in dramatic, victorious male choir
5 Back Home
Reassuringly cheesy foot-tapping jazz ballad with deliciously warm female vocal
6 Yeah Yeah Yeah
High octane indie pop with 60s retro guitar and upbeat ‘yeah yeah yeah’ female vocals
7 Here It Comes
Funky retro cool psychedelic pop with catchy ‘here it comes’ female vocals
8 Smoke & Mirrors
Intrigue with a touch of class. Moody strings and piano with eery minimalist textures
9 Clockwork
Slick detective drama theme with catchy piano melody, sinister harmonies and clockwork beats
10 Whirlwind
Busy string orchestra with unstoppable energy and dramatic quirkiness
11 Time & Motion
Exciting violin melody with playful eccentricity and dramatic undertones
12 Pipe Dreams
Joyful, retro fun! De-tuned pianos and retro synths oozing with character and charm
13 Redemption
Menacing piano harmonies leading to aggressive guitar riff & big industrial beats
14 Deception
Faced-paced orchestral action with booming brass hits and tense string passages
15 Angular Momentum
Futuristic robotic intro leads to intense synthetic symphony