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Lincoln Jaeger

Lincoln Jaeger

Lincoln Jaeger has a BA in Jazz and an MMus in Ethnomusicology, but primarily writes music for film trailers, with over 60 trailer placements to his name. Recent credits include The Children Act, Black Panther, Hereditary, Westworld and Jumanji. Having written production music since 2001, Lincoln also wrote the original music for the record breaking Turkish TV series Börü, and is currently scoring the follow-up feature film.

Now Playing: Waltz of the Goblins by Lincoln Jaeger




1 Waltz of the Goblins
Intimate winter waltz with shiny glock and warm piano
2 Enchanted Cave
Inqusitive celeste with magical bells and jovial pizz strings
3 Follow My Lead
Humorous frivolity with quirky clarinet, jazzy piano and lazy drum kit
4 Collision Course
Forceful string chords and combative beats with anticipation and suspense
5 Risky Business
Mysterious sultry synths and beats building in tension with bold string theme
6 Expanse
Epic cinematic strings and piano with euphoric ethnic female vocals and stirring percussion accompaniment. Featuring Francesca Genko.
7 Mighty Dawn
Warm piano and strings building to heroic orchestral splendour with a sense of heavenly redemption
8 Love Is Fizzy
Cosy and romantic jazz ballad with velvety smooth female vocal
9 Hyde Park Stroll
Luxurious down tempo jazz with a warm contented vibe and a hint of winter magic
10 Manhattan
Cool Manhattan style cocktail jazz with groovy sax melody
11 Threadbare
Groovy funk guitar with retro bluesy feel, driving beats and jazz keys