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Nik Ammar

Nik Ammar is a multi-talented, award-winning composer and songwriter who has composed for numerous TV and films including: Winnie The Witch and Wilbur, Time For School,Terry (Wogan) and Mason’s Great Food Trip, Rise Of The Nazi Party, Cutting Edge, James Martin’s United Cakes Of America , CIA: Declassified, and Paranormal Witness. Nik has supplied soundtracks and additional music scores for many other productions including: Sons Of Anarchy, Metastasis (Breaking Bad – Latin America), Shameless, Reign, Elementary, The Vampire Diaries, Six Feet Under, Panorama, Come Dine With Me, Location Location Location, Home And Away, Hollyoaks, Gardener’s World and Dragon’s Den.

His professional music career began as an instrumentalist and songwriter in the internationally acclaimed band Oi Va Voi, working with a variety of artists including KT Tunstall and Annie Lennox.

When Nik crossed into film and television music his work was quickly noticed and went on to write and produce numerous adverts and trailers for Sky, National Geographic, ABC, FOX, Discovery, The History Channel, Nickelodeon, EPSN, Aveeno, Metrodome, and the British Film Institute; in between all that he composed for the renowned theatre company Oily Cart, and has also scored the soundtrack to the black comedy feature film Dirty Weekend.

Nik’s scores have been described as charming, balancing romance, humor and tension seamlessly. He creates unique and original scores that continue to defy categorization and blur the boundaries between musical genres.

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1 Life Unfolds
Enchanting horn melody with gentle harp accompaniment building to beautiful soaring strings at 1:23
2 Paradigm Shift
A design taking shape. Process-driven with futuristic synths and contemporary beats.
3 Watching and Waiting
Warm male vocal ballad with cosy vocal harmonies and folky guitar. Featuring tender ‘Let’s sit up all night and watch the sun rise’ lyrics.
4 Glistening Light
Innocent piano and cello with light acoustic guitar and woodwind accompaniment
5 Dancing on Water
Sparse piano and pizzicato strings with gentle background percussion and positive harmonies
6 Treading Water
Gentle acoustic guitar with subtle ticking percussion and light orchestral colour
7 Patience
Rhythmic folk guitar with laid back vibe, playful pizzicato stings and subtle piano melody
8 Common Ground
Uplifting muted piano with subtle percussion and orchestral colour
9 Comings and Goings
Graceful piano patterns, delicately flowing with pizzicato stings and subtle synth textures
10 Consequences
Gentle harp and kalimba with light percussion and simple swaying rhythm
11 Mayflies
Vibrant string elegance with a hint of formality. Bright and exciting.
12 Lord of the Manor
Formal strings with regal elegance and Handel-style charm
13 St Clementine’s Home For Retired Chickens
Jovial horn and woodwind with formal strings accompaniment. Eccentric and playful.
14 Badger In The Bushrow
Quirky bassoon, flute and horn with playful pizzicato strings and percussion
15 High Tea and Mighty
Pizzicato strings opening leading to formal string ensemble with a sense of majestic grandeur.
16 The Kingfisher
Dignified strings with a baroque feel and sense of regal grandeur
17 The Bluebell Society
Innocent piano and woodwind with uplifting strings and charming harp accompaniment
18 Blossom Picking
Pretty piano and cello in 3/4 time blossoming into magical dancing strings with solo clarinet
19 Thrill Seeker
Hard core Led Zeppelin-style guitar riff with intense rock drums and stutter effects
20 Hurricane
Uptempo rock guitar and drums with lots of attitude for the fearless adrenaline junky
21 Thunder Snow
Grungy guitar riff attitude with cool synths and punchy drums
22 New World
Evolving pianoscapes with epic brooding sub bass and euphoric beats based on Dvorak’s New World Symphony theme
23 Funeral March
Epic remix of Chopin’s Funeral March with reverberant piano, electric guitar textures, driving baseline and big cinematic beats
24 Peer Gynt
Uplifting and soothing piano and acoustic guitar with fresh contemporary beats based on Morning Mood from Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite no.1
25 Lullaby
Brooding rendition of Brahms’ Lullaby with gentle piano, epic sub bass and contemporary beats
26 The Forgotten Land
Mesmerising and magical. A mysterious winter adventure for piano and full orchestra
27 Through The Keyhole
Mysterious orchestral splendour. Imaginative and inquisitive.
28 Masquerade Ball
Blissful piano and strings building to delightful orchestral waltz
29 Flight of Fancy
Exiting and exhilarating strings and piano with a sense of magical fantasy in whimsical 3/4 time
30 Walking On Air
Uplifting and positive piano and strings with happy, carefree feel
31 In The Wind
Carefree piano and harp with playful strings. Uplifting and positive.
32 Who Dares Wins
Driving strings and uptempo drums strive their way to victory. Exciting and exhilerating.
33 Born Ready
Tense military style percussion gives way to racing strings in a triumphant display
34 The Supreme One
Seductive trip hop gives way to racing strings at 48'' in a display of supreme power
35 Halloween Crusade
Playful string melody with mystery and tension and optional spooky theremin melody
36 Creative Endeavours
Quirky string motif with creative, fantasty feel and catchy foot-tapping beats
37 Morning Dew
Soft piano and acoustic guitar with delicate string textures and bright percussion droplets
38 Sirens
Beautiful emotional ballad building to passionate climax with ethereal female vocal. Lyrics include ‘The sirens in my heart, I can here them singing’. Featuring Hannah Wildes.
39 Fire Of Love
Captivating piano hook building to expansive, uplifting mystical ballad with intense female vocal and cinematic strings. Lyrics include ‘Now you’re burning in the fire of love’. Featuring Tori Beaumont.
40 Interstellar
Uplifting, celestial strings with optimistic guitar, driving beats and positive inspiration
41 Supernova
Epic synth anthem with slow building synth strings and uplifting beats leading to powerful elated climax
42 My Boy
Amorous jazz swing duet with classic his and her vocals and playful muted trumpet
43 Tea At The Ritz
Classy mid tempo jazz swing ballad with mellow female vocal and muted trumpet
44 Dancin'
Romantic cheek to cheek jazz ballad with female vocal
45 Fine Romance
Contented mid tempo jazz swing with tuneful muted trumpet melody
46 Had A Heart For You
Easy foot-tapping jazz swing with cosy muted trumpet melody
47 Warm In My Bed
Catchy jazzy muted trumpet with infectious walking bass
48 Snow Ballin'
Warm and inviting jazzy trumpet melody with a festive feel
49 Guitar Dust
Groovy indie electropop with funky guitar & stutter effects
50 Helium Balloon
Mid tempo synth pop with catchy piano hook and processed female vocals
51 Summer Crush
Iconic electro pop tune with catchy synth lead oozing with youthful energy
52 Shake It Up
Funky electro beats with catchy piano hook and epic synth lead for that hands-in-the-air party tune
53 Let's Go
Upbeat psychedelic pop with catchy piano hook with melodious synth lead
54 Driftwood
A nomadic journey. Mellow foot-tapping beats with soft bass, country guitar and banjo.
55 New Frontiers
Repetitious piano and guitar atmospheres with pioneering excitement. A journey of discovery.
56 Exposure
Slow building synth textures with arresting piano riff. Dark secrets exposed.
57 Moon Dance
Cheeky clarinet melody with funky foot-tapping bossanova accompaniment
58 Strange Awakening
Quirky waltz with delicious dream-like textures and charming sense of make believe