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Nina Humphreys

Now Playing: Small and Sneaky by Nina Humphreys




1 Small and Sneaky
Gentle, playful strings with a subtle, understated, secretive feel
2 Precision Work
Tense strings with focused, steady percussion and clockwork precision
3 Light Work
Precision strings and percussion with quirky pizzicato melody. Many hands make light work.
4 Wired
Urgent string repetitions with dramatic piano chords. Anticipation with a hint of danger.
5 Introspection
Simple synth textures with soft ambient guitar chords. Pensive and introspective.
6 Epicentre
Stirring strings with busy excitement and lots of dramatic energy
7 Soldiering In
Purposeful string orchestra with diligent melody and military-style snares
8 Velvet Carousel
Deliciously smooth and whimsical with quirky fairground sounds with jazzy soft brush kit
9 Solitary Dance
Charming gigue in 6/8 time with dreamy metallic timbres and subtle ambient textures