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Owain Llwyd

Now Playing: Festive Fantasy by Owain Llwyd




1 Festive Fantasy
Sparkling excitement and adventure for full orchestra with festive sleigh bells
2 Pumpkin Waltz
Epic fantasy waltz with beauty and charm. Exciting and magical.
3 Animal Detective
Jazzy spy mystery opening with low brass and vibraphone leading to strong detective-style theme
4 Headlong
Racing strings and dynamic piano build momentum to a triumphant climax
5 Divide and Conquer
Delicate strings and piano with busy beats, industrious and focused
6 Evolving Sky
Captivating piano and strings evoking the beauty and wonder of the world
7 Lifted
Optimistic piano with uplifting string orchestra and a sense of achievement and success
8 Luminous Skies
Simple beauty with subliminal elegance. Gently swaying piano and strings.
9 Microcycles
Delicately flowing piano atmospheres with industrial diligence and creative energy
10 A Very British Affair
Charming piano quintet with classic british elegance building to exciting finish
11 A Very Pizzicato Affair
Playful pizzicato version of A very British Affair
12 Pride and Passion
Dynamic piano quintet with building intensity and passionate energy