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Owain Llwyd

Now Playing: Timelapse by Owain Llwyd




1 Timelapse
Marching strings with playful walking piano and sense of forward motion
2 Just Cause
Upbeat strings with vibrant piano pattern. Forceful and positive.
3 Chain Reaction
A hub of excitement and activity with busy percussion and urgent piano and strings
4 Festive Fantasy
Sparkling excitement and adventure for full orchestra with festive sleigh bells
5 Pumpkin Waltz
Epic fantasy waltz with beauty and charm. Exciting and magical.
6 Animal Detective
Jazzy spy mystery opening with low brass and vibraphone leading to strong detective-style theme
7 Headlong
Racing strings and dynamic piano build momentum to a triumphant climax
8 Divide and Conquer
Delicate strings and piano with busy beats, industrious and focused
9 Evolving Sky
Captivating piano and strings evoking the beauty and wonder of the world
10 Lifted
Optimistic piano with uplifting string orchestra and a sense of achievement and success
11 Luminous Skies
Simple beauty with subliminal elegance. Gently swaying piano and strings.
12 Microcycles
Delicately flowing piano atmospheres with industrial diligence and creative energy
13 A Very British Affair
Charming piano quintet with classic british elegance building to exciting finish
14 A Very Pizzicato Affair
Playful pizzicato version of A very British Affair
15 Pride and Passion
Dynamic piano quintet with building intensity and passionate energy