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Paul Lennon

Now Playing: The Butterfly Collector by Dave Hewson, Paul Lennon




1 The Butterfly Collector
Eccentric pizz strings with delicate woodwind and tuned percussion. Fun, quirky and charming.
2 Twinkle Toes
Delicate ballerina-style pizz strings with light woodwind and fairy bells
3 High Jinx
Comic capers and fast-paced fun with pizz strings and quirky xylophone
4 Neat and Tidy
Busy strings and spritely woodwind. Organised and methodical with a sense precision.
5 Fragile Beauty
Free flowing piano with charming simplicity and a sense of calm
6 Early Refections
Delicately flowing piano with a sense of innocence. Exploring new beginnings
7 Hand Of A Child
Simple child-like piano melody with a comforting sense of well-being
8 Memories Of Tomorrow
Sentimental and nostalgic piano with beautiful, delicate melody
9 Starting Over
Contented solo piano with a comforting sense of new beginning
10 Mellow Monday
Mellow, foot-tapping jazz swing with walking bass and quirky banjo melody