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Rory Craig

Now Playing: Flower Child by Simon Watkin, Rory Craig




1 Flower Child
Upbeat acoustic guitar melody with piano and folk percussion
2 Circles In The Sand
Gently flowing guitar duet, simple and natural with catchy triplet rhythms
3 Lavender Fields
Gentle Spanish guitar with simple, relaxing vibe
4 Beauty By Design
Stylish guitar duet with perpetual forward motion and rhythmic patterns
5 Still Meadow
Simple guitar patterns evoking forgotten summer meadows
6 Dynamo
Exciting and dynamic string hook with upbeat rock drums. Purposeful and upbeat.
7 Cutting Edge
Contemporary string motif with driving beats for current affairs and industrious work
8 Felt Circus
Enchanting acoustic guitar with quirky piano melody and fantastical um cha cha accompaniment
9 Green Mansions
Gentle piano and guitar with soft textures and a luxurious dream-like quality
10 Horizons
Intoxicating electoscape building to beautiful epic synth ballad
11 High Rise
Energetic fast-building textures leading to powerful synth anthem
12 Sunny Joe
Cheerful, plucky guitar with quirky banjo melody