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Russell Bell

Now Playing: Razors Edge by Russell Bell




1 Razors Edge
Dynamic strings and epic percussion with driving intensity and tension
2 Odd Thomas
Wacky dramedy-style antics with quirky vibraphone, clarinet and pizz strings
3 Ultimate Combat
Aggressive strings and drum & bass beats go head ot head in the ultimate combat
4 To The Death
Powerful bass string motif with uptempo drum n bass beats. Aggressive and determined.
5 Humanity Reigns
Cosmic synth atmospheres and uplifting cinematic strings building to a majestic climax with epic beats and heroic brass melody with male choir ahhs
6 Evolution
Intriguing, velvety sound design with uplifting piano. Innovative and futuristic.
7 Propensity
Brooding piano with contemporary beats and slick sound design. Stylish and sophisticated.
8 Heliosphere
Unsettling piano textures with eerie middle eastern string motifs. Dark and suspicious.
9 Make A Stand
Exciting guitar riff with driving military percussion building to heroic choral sequence