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Stephen Baysted

Award-winning British Film, TV and Video Game composer Stephen Baysted is well known for his versatility and for his emotionally charged and expressively powerful music. Stephen's acclaimed music scores have been enjoyed by viewers and players worldwide in a succession of award-winning Films, TV programmes and computer games.

Recent game scores include the number one bestselling racing titles: Project Cars and Project Cars 2; Electronic Arts: Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed and Need for Speed: Shift; Atari's Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends; and Robert Kirkman's: The Walking Dead: Assault.

Stephen's recent scores for film include I, Claude Monet, Renoir: Revered and Reviled, The Impressionists and the RTS-winning Matisse Live at the Tate and MoMA with director Phil Grabsky; the cult surrealist psychological drama Strange Factories; and Tim Pope's Brandy and Pep.

For television, Stephen has composed two seasons of Blink Film’s epic documentary series Ancient Mysteries for Channel 5, Smithsonian and SBS Australia; Prehistoric Megabeasts: Giant Croc vs Super Snake for Channel 4 and WNET; Blink Film’s three-part natural history series Volatile Earth for Channel 4; Shark-Croc Showdown for Discovery Channel; and a six-part series for BBC2 with 2 Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge: Lose Weight for Good.

He has also composed the music for cinema, television and radio advertisements, including high profile campaigns for Budweiser, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Samsung and writes for many leading music libraries.

Stephen’s work has been nominated for three prestigious Jerry Goldsmith Awards for best score, two Motion Picture Sound Editors ‘Golden Reel’ Awards for best audio in a game, a Golden Joystick Award for best audio and music in a game, and two Game Audio Network Guild Awards for best audio in a game.

Born in London, his passion for music began during his school years singing, touring and recording with the internationally acclaimed Wandsworth School Boys Choir and playing clarinet in the London Schools' Symphony Orchestra. Stephen went on to study music at Southampton University and at Dartington College of Arts, where he was awarded a PhD in 2003.

Now Playing: We Will Prevail by Stephen Baysted




1 We Will Prevail
Emotive piano and cello steadily building with purposeful strings and brass swells to victorious climax at 1.05 with solo soprano
2 Summer Ball
Flowing piano waltz in lively 6/8 time. Upbeat and fun with pizzicato strings.
3 Village Stomp
Bouncy piano with fun pizzicato strings and playful flutes and glock
4 Over The Yard Arm
Reassuring piano with light, upbeat pizzicato strings accompaniment
5 Woodpeckers
Quirky tuned percussion and piano with playful, minimalist feel
6 Timeless Elegance
Elegant piano, clarinet and bassoon with pizzicato strings. Sophisticated and fun.
7 Emergence
Sparse and sinister piano and strings with spooky solo woodwind building to menacing brass fanfare at 1:38
8 Eight Legged Chase
Fast-paced cat and mouse-style action with playful pizz strings and melodic woodwind
9 Mischievous Moment
Fun up-tempo xylophone melody with playful pizz strings, woodwind and trumpet
10 Fighting Chance
Luscious string intro leads to heroic spy genre theme with driving beats
11 Prevailing Love
Romantic piano melody full of peace, joy and happiness
12 Gone
Empty piano and melancholic strings with a sense of hopelessness
13 Warm Hearted
Warm piano and strings with positivity, comfort and fulfilment
14 Lost in Time
Reflective piano and strings filled with sorrow and regret
15 Too Late
Bleak piano with strings & synth textures evoking empty baron landscapes
16 Desolation
Dark, sinister, slow moving strings with bleak, ghostly guitar. Unsettling and mysterious.
17 Phenomena
Tense and mysterious filmic atmospheres. Intense and dramatic strings with sci fi effects.
18 Oblivion
Bleak sci fi atmospheres with ominous strings and brooding beats. Dark and desolate.
19 Exiled
Sinister orchestral atmospheres with menacing percussion. Brooding and filmic.
20 The Big Arrival
Joyous strings with building excitement and playful piano interjections
21 Glorious Day
Invigorating string orchestra bursting with life with joyful folk violin solo
22 Reverie
Dream-like cello waltz with charming strings and woodwind accompaniment