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Susan Legg

Now Playing: Live and Prosper by Susan Legg




1 Live and Prosper
Driving strings and woodwind with cheerful piano and a sense of joyful contentment
2 Summer Ball
Flowing piano waltz in lively 6/8 time. Upbeat and fun with pizzicato strings.
3 Village Stomp
Bouncy piano with fun pizzicato strings and playful flutes and glock
4 Over The Yard Arm
Reassuring piano with light, upbeat pizzicato strings accompaniment
5 Woodpeckers
Quirky tuned percussion and piano with playful, minimalist feel
6 Timeless Elegance
Elegant piano, clarinet and bassoon with pizzicato strings. Sophisticated and fun.
7 Festive Waltz
Charming, festive waltz with magical woodwind, strings and bells
8 Sleigh Ride
Excitement and adventure in a festive roof top sleigh ride
9 Feather Dance
Playful woodwind and delicate pizz strings with light glocks. Jovial and fun.
10 French Onion Waltz
Charming french-style waltz. Carefree and magical with a hint of bizarre
11 Masquerade
Exotic spanish dance that oozes beauty and romance with graceful clarinet
12 Spanish Serenade
Elegant spanish dance with exotic clarinet, rhythmic piano and pizz strings
13 Not Forgotten
Bitter sweet piano with poignant melody conjuring memories of happier times
14 Prevailing Love
Romantic piano melody full of peace, joy and happiness
15 Fledgling
Reassuring piano melody with simple beauty and innocence
16 Warm Hearted
Warm piano and strings with positivity, comfort and fulfilment
17 Broken
Melancholic piano with bitter sweet sadness and powerful emotional melody