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Tim Oliver

Now Playing: One Day We Will Ascend by Tim Oliver




1 One Day We Will Ascend
Subtle muted piano chords with delicate strings gradually building to a flurry of excitement with soaring climax at 1:40
2 Micro Clocks
Beautifully simple processes. A laid back cacophony of tuned percussion with subtle programming.
3 In Pursuit Of Perfection
Busy tuned percussion with flowing synth parts and contemporary beats
4 Prelude in C
Heavenly atmospheric piano with luscious laid back beats featuring Bach’s famous Prelude no. 1 in C major
5 In Paradiso
Delicate synth textures with gentle piano and percussion and uplifting cosmic feel based on In Paradiso from Fauré’s Reqieum
6 In The Ring
Purposeful strings and big rock drums. Get ready for heavyweight battle
7 Boss Kid
Infectious electropop bursting with the joys of fun-loving youth
8 Attention Seeker
Catchy synth hook with big electro beats and provocative ‘hey’ crowd vocals
9 Airborne
A spectacle to behold. Subliminal guitar atmospheres with uplifting piano and brooding synth bass.
10 Smoke Rings
Smokey, laid-back jazz with chilled out piano, classic muted trumpet and surreal textures
11 Absinthe & Opium
Mysterious and theatrical underscore with unsettling harpsichord and weird atmospheres
12 Crusader
Epic power guitar anthem with big strings, choir and beats