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Tom Evans

Tom is one of a new breed of electronic and orchestral trailer composers. Immersed in the heavy rock scene from a young age Tom has tempered that edge and abrasiveness and melds it with the sensibilities of cinematic music to create a distinctively modern style of trailer music. His work has beauty at its heart and distinctly Scandic undertones which suit contemporary campaigns perfectly.

His first orchestral album 'From The Sky' secured him a deal with London based ASongs Publishing, but his passion for intensely simple hooks, superb arrangements and cutting-edge production make him an undoubted force in discerning scores for dramatic media.

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1 Solar Eclipse
Evocative, dream-like piano opening gives way to soaring strings and brass melody with epic beats in climax at 1:54. Emotive and powerful.
2 Outer Expanse
Tender piano opening in 3/4 time building to beautiful soaring strings with emotional awe and wonder. Epic timpani and horns in climax at 2:10
3 Morning of Belief
Euphoric guitar echoes with subtle piano and beautiful uplifting textures building to an elated climax with vocal ahh at 2:05
4 Utopia
Blissful synth textures and gentle piano, transitioning to exhilarating arpeggios at 1:18 and choir at 2:30
5 Venus
Calming cosmic piano textures with subtle beats featuring the Venus theme from Holst’s Planets Suite
6 Jupiter
Epic piano ballad based on the Jupiter theme from Holst’s Planets Suite. Smooth and sophisticated with driving beats.
7 Greensleeves
Velvety smooth rendition of Greensleeves folk melody with laid back sophisticated beats, brooding bass and dream-like piano melody